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Who can participate?

You can participate if you are first-generation immigrant to a country, no matter how long you have been living in the adapted nation/there.

How can I participate?

  1. Please choose one personal possession you have brought from your home country;
  2. Explain what your chosen object means to you in a 100-150 word story (following the examples in the 'home' section);
  3. Take a photograph of your chosen object (following the below guidelines and examples in the 'home' section);
  4. If you feel uncomfortable to write about and take a photo of your chosen object, I would be happy to assist you by visiting you, interviewing you and taking the photograph of your object;
  5. If you are unsure which object to choose from, contact me as well.

Guideline and example of the photograph of the chosen object

  1. Place your object in front of a white background (for example paper, fabric, etc.);
  2. Take the photograph ideally from a top view;
  3. Use color photography.
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