Other Agency Charges

The Department of Finance collects some charges (fines, fees, etc.) for other City and State agencies.  If you disagree with another agency's charge, you must contact that agency directly. Finance does not have the ability to make changes to what other agencies are charging you. Information about what agency to contact is listed below.

Other Agency Charges Other Agencies
Boiler, elevator, hazardous substances, plumbing,  illuminated sign charges, and public assembly permits
Sidewalk installation and repair, fencing, and sidewalk assessments
Sewer connection, water liens, frontage, and meter / sewer
Fire prevention inspection charges
Cleaning and extermination charges, inspections, sanitation, and stoppage
Emergency repairs, demolitions, heat and hot water violations, financial aid liens, shelter rent, Alternative Enforcement Program charges, and management and multi dwelling registration fees
Rent stabilized apartment fees
Business Improvement District (BID) charges
Sidewalk Repairs (old)
Tax commission fees

Pay online at our e-payment center.  If you are paying by mail, write checks or money orders to "NYC Department of Finance" and make sure to include your Property Tax Bill coupon in the envelope provided.  Clearly write the borough, block and lot number on the face of the check to make sure we apply it to the correct property.

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