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Tax Credit Fast Facts 2020

Download Tax Credit Fast Facts 2020 for an overview of tax credits, EITC, and child and dependent care tax credits.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax benefit for working people and families. Single and married people are eligible if they worked full or part time at some point during 2019 and earned less than $15,570 (for single persons with no dependents) and up to $55,952 (for married couples with three or more dependents). Some non-custodial parents may also be eligible. The federal, state, and City EITC can be combined to be worth up to $8,852.

NYC Child Care Tax Credit

The NYC Child Care Tax Credit (NYC CCTC) is a tax benefit to help families pay for child care. Parents and guardians who earn $30,000 or less and pay for child care for children age 4 or younger may be eligible. This local tax credit is worth up to $1,733.

Other Tax Credits

The EITC and NYC CCTC can help to reduce the income tax you owe and may allow you to claim a refund and get money back. You may qualify for additional tax credits, such as the Child Tax Credit or the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Ask your tax preparer or visit to learn more.

To claim these credits, you must file your taxes. Use NYC Free Tax Prep to file your taxes for free.

Free Financial Counseling

Getting a tax refund? Get free financial counseling at an NYC Financial Empowerment Center to make the most of your refund. .

Updated 01/02/2020