Teleconference review session and public hearings
Call In Details

    To participate, check the Board's hearing calendarTrò chơi xổ số Việt Nam the Friday before, watch in real time on , and call in when your calendar number is called during the hearing.

    December 14, 2020

    Call: (646) 558-8656

    10: 00 am.(Meeting ID:967 1904 4952)

    2:00 pm.(Meeting ID:943 7193 9463)

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    The Board meets for review sessions and public hearings, where members of the public can observe and present testimony on applications.
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    Watch videos of the Board's review sessions and public hearings on the Board's website.
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    Learn about viewing application materials, requesting records, or finding out more information about the Board.
Board Room

    The Board's office is located at 22 Reade Street, Main Floor, New York, NY 10007.


To view the Board's hearing live stream please visit our . Members of the public are welcome to participate in the live streamed hearings.

Details to join the hearings is located on the right of our webpage banner. You can find out when your related calendar number will be called in the hearing calendar.

Administrative Notice

Combined Public Hearing Calendar

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamTo accommodate teleconferencing, the Board has modified its upcoming hearing calendars. All interested parties should review these draft calendars to see the applications scheduled for the coming months.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamThese draft hearing calendars are subject to change with updates posted regularly. The final hearing calendars for the following week (including final date and time) will be posted the Friday before.

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamApplicants should contact the respective Project Managers for additional information.

2019 BSA Calendar

The Board's 2020 Public Hearing CalendarTrò chơi xổ số Việt Nam is now available.

The Board's 2021 Public Hearing CalendarTrò chơi xổ số Việt Nam is now available.

Administrative Notice

Teleconference Hearing Guide

Teleconference Hearing Guide for Applicants

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamBecause of COVID-19, the Board of Standards and Appeals is holding review sessions and public hearings by teleconference. The review session and public hearings are viewable online in real time on the Board's website and

Members of the public are welcome to participate. See the Board's Teleconference Hearing Guideand Applicant Guide for instructions.

Administrative Notice

Office Closed: Because of COVID-19, the Board's office is closed until further notice. Please direct questions to (212) 386-0009 or

Administrative Notice

Covid-19 Notice on Precautions for Application Filings, Submissions, and Record Inspections(revised March 17, 2020)

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests are now available through the City's , which allows you to track the status of your request and view relevant records.

The Board is pleased to announce its participation in , which includes a dataset of applications filed since 1998 and a searchable decisions map.

Hearing Dates

Join the hearing online using the below link

Trò chơi xổ số Việt NamOr Dial in using the numbers below

646 558 8656 US (New York)

Trò chơi xổ số Việt Nam877 853 5257 US Toll-free

888 475 4499 US Toll-free

December 14 2020 AM

Webinar ID:Trò chơi xổ số Việt Nam 967 1904 4952

Passcode: 253535

December 14 2020 PM

Webinar ID:Trò chơi xổ số Việt Nam 943 7193 9463

Passcode: 353535

December 15 2020 AM

Webinar ID: 970 4086 1874

Passcode: 253535

December 15 2020 PM

Webinar ID: 928 1347 4075


Current Hearing Calendar

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