Mate Teacup

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Mate Teacup

I owned a few mate teacups in Brazil, but I chose to bring this one because it is my favorite one. Its decorations are typical for South Brazil (and therefore Urugay and Argentine as well). In Brazil, it is very common to see people carrying their Mate teacup and a thermos with them. They share their drink with others and use it as an excuse to be together, to socialize at anytime, anyplace. While in Brazil this is a common thing that happens naturally, here in Canada I have to force myself to keep up with the habit as I am all by myself in doing so. It connects me to the people here as well. When they see me with my cup and thermos they are curious. From there we start talking about Mate and my country and get into things like tradition; I even get them to share about themselves as well. Drinking Mate also helps me to connect with myself, and keeps me awake during difficult periods of study. I believe that you can tell a lot about someone's identity and self-expression just by the way they drink Mate. For example, some people put stickers on their thermos or have the habit to start the morning by drinking Mate, or drink Mate all through the night without sleeping.

  • socializing
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Carolina Brum Medeiros
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